Blog The unique character of South America’s cedro T

Robust, sturdy and easy to maintain. These were key words for both Tom, from the Zeeën van Tijd restaurant in Roosendaal on Sfeerhaven, and Elder-Oak, for the interior of this new fish restaurant. Tom wanted something special, something that harmonised with the sea and beach and that would radiate a relaxed, informal and warm atmosphere. Something unique! In this blog I’d like to tell you about the solution that we devised for Zeeën van Tijd and why we chose the South American cedro T, a distinctive wood from Peru.

It sometimes feels as if the traditions and way of life of the Inca Indians have left their mark in the wood. Trees were, after all, sacred objects in the Inca culture. There is no evidence of this of course, it is merely a feeling. But wood does influence our feelings. In fact no other raw material can equal the atmosphere that wood creates. And with this South American cedro the patterning is distinctive. This is why some people call it old-style wood.

Sturdy and practical

So we opted for cedro T from Peru. For this purpose it needed to retain its robust appearance and be easily cleanable at the same time. Sturdy is often associated with roughness, but this is not possible in a restaurant. You can’t sit comfortably and enjoy a meal at an uneven table, while a rough texture leaves stains that can’t be removed. It’s also nice to put your glass down onto a flat surface. This was our assignment and we set to work. We selected the wood required to make a bar and tabletops for the restaurant. It was processed in a way that gave it precisely the right qualities for application in the catering industry. The wood was ready for a sturdy and practical interior.

What is your project?

Do you have a project requiring a particular type of wood? Then consider the character of South American cedro. Thanks to our special processing you can apply it in all kinds of ways: for floors, walls or for your interior. Use it to make kitchen fronts, wall units, tabletops or a counter for a bar. We would be happy to introduce you to the specific characteristics of this remarkable type of wood. For specific queries please complete our contact form or call direct (+31 06-5315.5877.)