Discover the endless applications of our treated oak products

For elegant villas and professional premises

The most common thicknesses are 4, 6, 10, 27 and 34 millimetres. The wood is subsequently processed into exclusive flooring or used as stair components, kitchen fronts, cupboards, unique tables, interior panelling and for renovation purposes. 

Colouring and protecting wood

If you would like to give the oak an extra, added colour, then this can be arranged by Qolours, Elder-Oak’s sister company. Qolours has an experienced staff with an extensive knowledge of colouring, finishing and protecting wood products for property developers, interior architects, parquet specialists and professionals in kitchens, furniture and interiors. With this oak, every option is open to them, whether in villas or professional premises, the applications are practically endless, in both rural interiors and modern designs. It is not suitable, however, for load-bearing purposes such as a support beam.